Mukono Child Support Initiative

Mukono child support initiative (MCSI) is a non- denominational charity organization, registered by the republic of Uganda under Ministry of Gender and Social Development with registration S.5914/9536 operating in Mukono District, Central Uganda.


MCSI is devoted to send the orphaned and vulnerable children to school in largely un aided rural areas in Mukono District. Uganda being a developing country, majority of her population is in rural areas as per (UNICEF). The need to support rural communities to send their children to school in rural areas is great since majority in these communities survive below the poverty line and many organizations do not work in villages due in accessibility. Mukono District experienced tremendous number of deaths due to AIDS epidemic and consequently many children are left as orphans, left in hands of the elderly who cannot help themselves.



The VISION statement of the Organization is, “Mukono Child Support Initiative lives to see a society where Children are supported to attain quality education”.



To realize the above vision and overall objective, the Organization sets to embark on the following MISSION: “strive to alleviate the plight of vulnerable Children by providing basic care, support and linkages to guarantee their safety and dignity”.



  • Intensify child education through public sensitization campaigns Advocate for equitable health care policies and provisions, which reflect the needs of children.
  • Contribute to reduction in sexual and physical violence against Children.
  • Research and make publications on best practices and success stories to inform other actors and future programming.
  • Provide (on request) consultancy services to Government and non-Government organizations about alternative strategies to achieving MDGS and improving the Education of children in general.
  • Solicit for gifts, donations, sponsorship , grants and any agreed fees in terms of fundraising, cash or in kind for the purposes of promoting and achieving the mission , vision and objectives of the Foundation
  • To enter into any arrangements with any international bodies, governments or authorities, national bodies, public organizations, corporations, companies or persons for and to access grants of money and of land, donations, subscriptions and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the company and in taking any gift or property and to take the same subject to any special trust which may be prescribed by the donor thereof.
  • To do all such other things as are incidental to or connected with any of the above objectives or conducive to the attainment thereof or otherwise likely in any respect to the beneficiaries of the organizations services and its clients.


Our work

  • - Our strategic activities are truly embedded in our vision in our vision and mission
  • - MCSI’s programmes include but not limited to the followings: Education, Healthy, Agriculture, water and Sanitation and support among others.
  • - Fighting tropical malaria through provision of mosquito nets.
  • - Provision of food supply to the families of grandmothers taking care of the children to cover the insufficiency of food supplies the grand mothers face.
  • - Counseling and guidance for children and Grannies on HIV/AIDS.


Working Area

MCSI is currently working in the sub counties of Naama, Kyampisi, Kasawo, Mukono Central Division, Nabbale , Goma and Kimenyedde.