Water project

Accessing clean and safe water is still a challenge in Mukono and MCSI is intending to provide clean and safe water to the communities of Mukono through using a community based water drilling machine, Water flo flo. We still need support for this project. The drilled well shall be managed by village water committees.

Dairy Farm

MCSI rears cattle for milk as another way of sustaining its projects. The money from the sale of milk and eggs is banked on MCSI saving account which we call general account then is used for MCSI activities.

MCSI Sends needy children to school through provision of scholastic materials and as of now over 55 children are supported to attain quality Education in both primary and secondary level up to senior four. MCSI supports the needy children to access the basic requirements of education through provision of school uniforms, books, lunch and transport to school.


MCSI set up a model passion fruit farm as a way of equipping the local community with the skills of growing passions and also to tap income to sustain its project. Members   in the community are given part time employment and this helps them to improve their income levels.

Mukono Child Support is committed to helping an African child attain a better life through education.

You can support us by a onetime donation or on a regular bases. A contribution of €10 a month is sufficient to send a child to primary school. Our organisation does not have any overhead costs, all of your money benefits the children.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to support our children or need more information.